Devil May Cry 3 Secret Missions

There are 12 Secret Missions in the game with hidden entrances, when you pass each one you will get a Blue Orb Fragment. The other Blue Orb Fragments are obtained during the course of the main game and from Combat Ajudicators.


[edit] Secret Mission 1 - The Revolver

  • Located - Mission 3, 13th Avenue, on the right just after the 2nd dumpster its the door.
  • Objective - Kill all enemies in the time limit.
  • Hints - If you can't do it first time, come back when you have more weapons or Devil Trigger and try again.

[edit] Secret Mission 2 - Untouchable

  • Located - Mission 5, Surge of Fortunas. The red-eyed skull sculpture on the wall next to the seal for the elevator.
  • Objective - Defeat 4 Enigmas without being hit once.
  • Hints - This can be tough first time round, staying at a distance and firing with your guns can work as it allows you time to dodge. Coming back with Kalina Ann or Quicksilver later on is also a good tactic.

[edit] Secret Mission 3 - Death From Above

  • Located - Mission 7, first room. Jump up the wall just to the right of the door you need to go through to continue the mission.
  • Objective - Stay in the air for 20 seconds
  • Hints - Swordmaster, Rebellion and Agni & Rudra help enormously here. Jump into the air and do Aerial Rave with Rebellion, swap to Agni & Rudra and do the same move, swap back to Rebellion and do the same, swap to Agni & Rudra etc... Jump up again from an enemy when you get near the ground, Air Hike also helps a lot here. If you got Nevan's Air Raid and Super Dante use it and fly unlimited.

[edit] Secret Mission 4 - Devil's Teeter Totter

  • Located - Mission 8, Leviathan's Stomach. Down past the bus, smash the barricade at the end of the valley and run on.
  • Objective - Get to the top of the elevator
  • Hints - If more than 6 enemies get on the lift at one time it will crash down to the bottom and you'll have to start again. Using Kalina Ann when you have it is by far the easiest way to do this as it knocks the enemies off easily, the enemies are in Devil Trigger which makes killing enough of them before the next 4 drop down very tough.You can also use royal guard style to do this,block twice and release,repeat until you are at the top

[edit] Secret Mission 5 - Destroyer

  • Located - Mission 9/10. Limestone Cavern. Just after you go in, turn right a bit and jump up the wall, you'll see 2 red crystals by a wall, that's the entrance.
  • Objective - Destroy every destructible object in the time limit.
  • Hints - Coming back with Kalina Ann is by far the best way to do this.

[edit] Secret Mission 6 - Flight of the Demon

  • Located - Mission 10, Subterranean Lake. Just behind the statue where you get the Neo-Generator.
  • Objective - Collect all the orbs.
  • Hints - Nevan and Air Raid is what's needed here. Follow the path of the red orbs picking up the white orbs to replenish your Devil Trigger. A long DT Gauge as well as a devil star helps as well.

[edit] Secret Mission 7 - Hang 10

  • Located - Mission 11/12, Gears of Madness, above the platform with the Devil star.
  • Objective - Get the blue orb.
  • Hints - Activate your Devil Trigger and just run, ignoring the enemies. If you have a full bar this will be no problem. Alternatively, knock an enemy down, jump on their back and ride them part way along the route as you get some good speed doing that.

[edit] Secret Mission 8 - Tough Guys

  • Located - Mission 13, Spiral Staircase, the red light halfway down.
  • Objective - Destroy all the enemies.
  • Hints - With 5 or so Spiders and 2 Hell Vanguards this is not easy by any means. Agni & Rudra is good for the Spiders and Beowolf is good for the Hell Vanguards if you come back and try this later. Don't be afraid to use a vital star and watch out for their attack patterns. When a spider blocks your attack, jump up and shoot it with E&I as it will charge at you right after blocking.

[edit] Secret Mission 9 - Target Practice

  • Located - Mission 13, Vestibule.After light puzzle,just before the shut gate, jump up the left wall above the torch.
  • Objective - Don't let any enemies escape.
  • Hints - Since you can't get in close with your Devil Arms, either Gunslinger or Quicksilver is advised for this mission. Shoot the Wraths first to deal a lot of damage to the other enemies, then shoot like crazy. Spiral is very useful here.

[edit] Secret Mission 10 - Guiding Light

  • Located - Mission 16, Waking Sun Chamber. After you smash the ball, the wall on the right.
  • Objective - Solve the light puzzle.
  • Hints - There are 6 different puzzles and which one you get is totally random. The best way to do it is work backwards, start from the end mirror, figure out which mirrors point at it and work your way back along the mirrors until you reach the start, smashing any mirrors that you know you don't need will help you see where you need to go.

[edit] Secret Mission 11 - On Pins and Needles

  • Located - Mission 17, Pitch Black Void. On the beams over your head, jump up to the middle one and enter via the glowing statue.
  • Objective - Reach the blue orb fragment at the end of the course.
  • Hints - This is basically the Trial of Skill again but the spikes move at the speed of DMD mode, which makes this very tough, Trickster helps enormously here, Quicksilver is also handy. Some times you may need to jump or run backwards in order to avoid being hit by spikes and sending you even further back. Don't be afraid to backtrack a bit in order to go forwards.

[edit] Secret Mission 12 - Final Ascension

  • Located - Mission 18, Road to Despair. Instead of jumping in the mirror, go round the back of the statue and you'll see the entrance on the side.
  • Objective - Get the blue orb fragment at the top of the room.
  • Hints - Trickster and a weapon with Air Hike is needed here. You'll need to use Trickster's ability to run up walls in order to get up some parts and Air Hike will make the jumps a lot easier.

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