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Difficulty: Easy

Strategy: Just continue to shoot at Nefasturris, and cause damage with your firearms, while you jump and dodge all of his attacks. He eventually will be defeated. He can slam his arm down, which will damage you, but the purpose is to call on his Nefasvermises, similar to Flambats. Just shoot them down easily. Pretty easy boss to defeat, considering his size. Just keep moving and shooting. His attacks can cause a lot of damage, but they are all slow and easy to dodge.


  • BEAM: He will cast a beam from his mouth, which is very large and slow, and moves as an arc across the field. Just correctly time and jump over the beam to easily dodge it.
  • SCATTERED BEAMS: In a quick moment, he will cast a large amount of beams that are scattered across the field. To avoid these, usually if you stay still they will go around you, but if they come toward you quickly move away into an open space, because they cause large amounts of damage.

[edit] Nefascapitis

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Strategy: It gets a little difficult here, as this is the head of Nefasturris. As this head will move and float around you. Just continue to shoot at him when he is floating around, dodging his attacks. Most of his attacks are the exact same as Nefasturris with a few differences. When he lands on the ground, he is about to do the SCATTERED BEAMS attack. Quickly move around to the back of his head, where you are safe from his attacks, and start slashing away at the back of his head, devil trigger if you can to cause immense damage.


  • SCATTERED BEAMS: He casts large amounts of beams scattered around the field in front of his mouth. To avoid quickly move to the back of his head to be safe, and can cause a large amount of damage.
  • LIGHTNING BALLS: While floating in the air he can shoot out lightning balls that can cause damage. Just dodge to the left or right to avoid these attacks.
  • ELECTRICITY: These are lines of electricity that can cause damage. They come horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Very similar to those of Griffin in Devil May Cry 1. If they are vertically, dodge left or right. If they come horizontally, jump over them if they are low, or roll under them if they are high. If diagonally have to use a combination of both to avoid them.
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