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Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Strategy: Noctpteran will not cause any damage, the larva that he creates will cause damage. As long as Noctpteran is alive, he will continue to create larva. So make sure to kill Noctpteran first, and then kill his larva, which come from underground, come above ground, attack you, and then go back underground. Have to continuously be motile and attacking to defeat this boss. The larva cause huge amounts of damage, and you have to make sure to stay far away from them.


Only the larva will attack Dante

  • CHARGE: The larva will come above ground and charge at you. If they get a frontal attack on you, they will continue to give you damage and almost kill you. If they don't get a frontal attack on you, they just damage you each time you touch them. Best chance is to dodge their attack, or go into Devil Trigger, and fly above ground so that they cannot reach you.
  • SWALLOW: The larva will come above ground and try to swallow you in its mouth. It will hold you in its body causing immense damage to you, usually until death. It drains your vitality gauge greatly. To avoid, just dodge or fly in the air. This is a very deadly attack, and if you get caught, there is almost no hope for you.
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