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Difficult: Easy-Medium

Strategy: When he is hanging on the walls and at the top, watch for him coming down. Whenever Orangguerra is close, he will be prepared to hit you, and will cause a decent amount of damage. Just dodge his attacks, and when you are at an angle where he cannot get you, use your combos and slash away at him. If you are far away just keep shooting at him. He will try and grab you to prevent you from escaping, so make sure to continue to dodge those. When in Devil Trigger mode, just cause normal damage. If needed there are 3 Green Orbs in the corners of the room. Msiras will sometimes come by just to annoy you, so make sure to kill those when around them and away from Orangguerra.


  • DOWNWARD SMASH: If you are close to him, he will take both of his hands and in a downward motion slam them into the ground in your area. To avoid just dodge (circle) to make him miss.
  • SHAKE AND THROW: If you are close to him, he can grab you and shake you for a long time, and then throw you at the wall or one of the pillars. Just make sure he doesn't grab you by dodging.
  • SLAP: Basically, he will take one hand and swing it towards you in a slapping motion. If you are on the opposite side of the slapping hand, and are far away enough from it, just dodge away from the arm, and he will miss you. If you are closer to the hand, dodge in the direction of the slapping hand, to make him miss you.
  • JUMP: He can jump long distances and land on you causing much damage. If you don�t see Orangguera on the ground, just keep rolling and dodging to make sure he doesn't land on you, as it can cause huge amounts of damage.
  • BALLS OF AIR: When you are away from him, Orangguera can also attack by taking a deep breath and letting a mass of air go in the direction of you. These balls can cause a great deal of damage, and move pretty quickly. When you see them coming at you dodge left or right or air hike into the air to dodge them.
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