Orbs in Devil May Cry

A list of all the orbs that can be obtained during the course of the game.


[edit] Blue Orbs

Blue Orb DMC.jpg

Full blue orbs increase the maximum vitality gauge. If you find a blue orb fragments, you need 4 to make a full blue orb. Blue orbs can be bought at the God of Time statue, and can also be found, usually well hidden. Blue Orb Fragments can only be found in specific locations. Blue orb fragments are usually given after a secret mission as well.

44 blue orb fragments can be found during the game, giving a total of 11 full blue orbs.

2 full blue orbs can be found during the game.

7 full blue orbs can be bought at the God of Time, increasing in price each time one is bought, from:

  • 300
  • 550
  • 1000
  • 1800
  • 3200
  • 4300
  • 5500.

That is a total of 20 blue orbs that can be found throughout the game.

[edit] Green Orbs

Green Orb DMC.jpg

Green orbs revitalize your life bar when you use it. They are dropped by enemies and found in the open. They also come in different sizes. If your life bar is at 100%, it gives you 10 red orbs.

[edit] Purple Orbs

Purple Orb DMC.jpg

Increases the maximum amount of devil trigger time you get, by adding more runes to your gauge. They can only be bought at the God Of Time Statues.

[edit] Red Orbs

Red Orb DMC.jpg

Basically the money in the game. You use these to buy other items and upgrades/moves at the God of Time. These red orbs can be found, dropped by enemies, or in statues and fountains. They are also rewarded at the end of the mission. They can come in different sizes which give different amounts of red orbs to your count. The more style you use to kill an enemy, the more red orbs they will drop.

For how many orbs you are rewarded at the end of the mission, refer to this list.

  • 500 red orbs for reaching the required amount needed for each level
  • 500 red orbs for recieving no damage
  • 500 red orbs for beating the level in the required time
  • 100 red orbs for each Secret Mission beat

[edit] Yellow Orbs

Yellow Orb DMC.jpg

If you have yellow orbs in your inventory, when you die, the yellow orbs will bring you back to life at the last checkpoint in your mission. You start the game off with very few, they can also be bought, and they are usually well hidden in an area, or in a statue/fountain.

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