Plutonian and Tartarussian

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Difficulty: Medium

Strategy: You only face one of them, Plutonian for Dante. Lucia faces both Tartarussian and Plutonian. These bosses are extremely slow, so continuously shoot at him with your firearms. And when he throws his balls at you, get close to him, and slash away at him. Be careful and watch out for when he swings the balls, because it can cause a good deal of damage if you are close by. Be aware of the electrical lasers, moving around and make sure to dodge them. He also summons agonofinises to help him out as well.


  • BALL SWINGS: Plutonian and Tartarussian will throw their balls at you. Just dodge them to avoid any damage.
  • DOWNWARD SMASH: If you are close by, he will bring the ball down in a smashing motion to hit you and get you away from you. Just dodge left or right to avoid this.
  • ELECTRIC LASERS: These lasers are on the floor. Just dodge left or right to avoid them, and make sure when you avoid one that you don't go into another one. Only Plutonian does this move, as it relates to his environment.
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